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Here we add useful resources with which to challenge arguments put out by Rees-Mogg and others, as well as people who have accepted them uncritically. Please share as you see fit!

11th April 2019:

Rees-Mogg just claimed on Channel 4 News that, when he failed to oust the PM in a vote of no confidence in December 2018, he accepted his defeat "because, unlike the 'Remainiacs', I am a democrat".

Those who were there at the time - and clearly Jacob wasn't - will recall that after May won the vote he immediately demanded she resign )(see video link below). Only later - perhaps in a less petulant mood - did he recant and sermonise accordingly.

A letter has been sent to Rees-Mogg asking him to admit occasional fallibility.

Here's Rees-Mogg talking to Andrew Neil on the BBC at the time:


25th March 2019

I predicted last week that Rees-Mogg would vote for May's broken deal at its third offering to Parliament. The BBC has just said that he'll do so if she gets the DUP on-side.

Remember - in the name of "democracy" and "the will of the people" - Mogg opposes a public referendum on May's deal because he says that the EU forces nations to vote again and again until they deliver the result it wants.

Worse, whereas a referendum on May's deal would be substantively very different from the 2016 EU Referendum, May's deal hasn't changed a jot since it was defeated on its first outing by the biggest Commons majority since Pithecanthropus erectus crawled out of the primordial soup and Jacob himself was still in short trousers.

As for having - until now - advocated that No Deal is better than a Bad Deal, I'll let his comrades tackle him on that one since civil wars tend to be nastier than anything I could manage.

Rees-Mogg makes Judas Iscariot look like a high-principled whistle-blower and Quilp resemble Little Nell.

More revelations about Rees-Mogg and some other really nice people can be found on Molly Scott-Cato's excellent site 'Bad Boys of Brexit' here:

21st December 2018

Here's Rees-Mogg lying again - or seeking to mislead those who can only be bothered to read short sentences. Same thing, really. (Classic Steve Bannon technique, by the way: put a lie out there and let the rest of us give it legs.) Here Jayden claims that there is no need for the Irish 'backstop' after a 'no deal' Brexit. But that - as the Irish Examiner article makes clear - would only be if the customs regime on both sides of the border remain the same. Forever.

Rees-Mogg Hypocrisy alert! 13th December 2018

After Theresa May survived his second botched coup by winning the Tory party's vote of confidence last night, Jayden stalked the TV studios like a rusty pylon complaining that most of the PM's supporters were on her payroll so (even though it was a secret ballot) the result was hardly surprising. SO WHY CALL THE VOTE IN THE FIRST PLACE, YOU SILLY MAN?

He then went on to demand that the PM go to the Queen and resign ... even though she'd just won the vote. This from the man who claims that Remainers want a second referendum (on the terms of the Brexit deal) because they lost the first (when no one, least of all Leavers, had a clue what it would mean). Trust Rees-Mogg to go one further and claim that his lost vote was actually a victory and that the winner should resign!


Here's Dr Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade, talking nonsense to the BBC on 8th November 2018. He's either getting all muddled up or having a laugh at voters' expense. You decide. Rees-Mogg and others take this line too.

“We were given an instruction by the British people to leave the European Union so there has to be a mechanism to ensure that it happens ... that has to be a mechanism where ultimately that decision lies with the sovereign British Government.”


As Fox well knows, the 2016 EU Referendum was constitutionally, legally and explicitly a piece of advice not an “instruction”. It follows that any British Government that interpreted it as an instruction could not be, as he claims, sovereign.


So ...


Either our Government and the Parliament upon which it depends are not sovereign;

Or they are sovereign and the 2016 vote was simply advice which neither is under an obligation to accept. (Indeed they are duty-bound to reject it if they consider it to be against the national interest.)

The link is here:

EU Referendm is advisory not mandatory.



Here's a Twitter feed highlighting the frequent racism of Rees-Mogg's followers and Jacob's failure to challenge or even tidy them up a bit. We've been asking him about it for over a year: no answer. Coward!

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