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Rees-Mogg sails too close to The Sun.

In February 2018 Rees-Mogg tweeted approvingly a 'Sun' article which claimed that prices of basic household goods would fall outside the EU's customs union.

Rees-Mogg wrote, "Thanks to the Sun for calculating the huge savings for us all outside the Customs Union, except for the one on cigarettes which no government would pass on."

The figures were wrong. In fact there would be next to no savings at all. 'The Sun' had got its sums wrong. It admitted this and withdrew the piece.

As of October 2018 Rees-Mogg, despite many requests, has still not deleted his tweet, which has been shared thousands of times. Knowingly publishing false information, or allowing false information to remain published after it has been proved to be false, is lying.

Rees-Mogg has since defended retaining his tweet on grounds unrelated to its veracity. Naughty!

Stay tuned for more ...

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